weber.plast TF and DF (troweltex and trowelcoat)

weber.plast TF and DF

weber.plast TF has an even textured finish (1.5 mm and 3 mm aggregate content)

weber.plast DF has a drag texture finish - horizontal, vertical or swirled effect (1 mm and 3 mm aggregate content)

When used in strict accordance with manufacturer's instructions and within an appropriate system, weber finishes will have a minimum life of 10 years.

Acrylic-based, composite, decorative finishes.

About this product

weber.plast TF and weber.plast DF are acrylic based, composite, decorative finishes, pre-mixed and ready to apply in wet form.


The quality of application of this material depends on suitable operative Skills and product familiarity.

Restrictions on weather conditions during application and curing must be respected.

Sound trade practices and printed instructions must be followed.

Good access and appropriate protection must be provided.

Features and Benefits


weber.plast TF and weber.plast DF are available in a wide range of colours.

Published by kind permission of Weber

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