Stress Control Measures against Cracking in Renders.

All substrates should be constructed in accordance with British Standards. The standards that apply to substrates receiving Render and the Standards concerning Render are BS5262, BS5268 and BS6093.

To aid against cracking, substrates must be reinforced as stated by the BSI and Manufacturers..

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[External Walls]
[Good Site Practice]
[Movement Control]

In turn, the Rendering Specialist must apply reinforcement around windows as to the Manufacturers Instructions

[Stress Control]

Nylon Reinforcement can only aid against Render cracking and is normally applied around openings only. Scill Plastering Ltd advocate the use of Nylon Reinforcement over the entire substrate and offer this in addition to normal procedures during Tendering stages.

It must be noted that Nylon Reinforcement only aids against cracking as this problem lies in the design and construction of the substrate. Renders having adhered to the substrate have no choice but to move with the substrate when stress occurs, hence cracks within the render. Tests have substantiated this point by measuring the a cracks depth. In a worst case scenario the cracking caused by stresses in the substrate can penetrate through the entire block into the cavity and further.

By adhering to the Good Construction Practices this cracking can be eliminated.

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